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Sol-Tech focuses on vocational training leading to the acquisition of nationally recognized, useful qualifications. Sol-Tech therefore aims to realize young people’s future dreams regarding career development through purpose-specific training. Sol-Tech still wants to be there today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow to provide a service to young people.

In the modern world, it is essential that each new generation is trained better than the previous generation. The challenge is that the training landscape in South Africa has changed radically and that citizens must adapt to it or be impoverished. For many young people, post-school education is becoming an expensive and hardly attainable luxury that is increasingly difficult to access. The upheaval after 1994 is just one of the reasons for this. As a result of the accelerated transformation and corrective action, the skills shortage in the country has already assumed crisis proportions. According to economists’ calculations, there were already 300,000 open positions during 2006 that could not be filled due to a skills shortage.